Sunday, November 8, 2009

Makenna's First Birthday Party

First, let's set the stage. Makenna's party had a pink theme. From the paper lanterns (which Makenna calls "bah" for "ball")...

to the strawberry cake!

Let the party begin!

Makenna with Uncle Kamran

"Birthday Princess" outfit with frilly tutu and pink baby Ugg boots courtesy of Makenna's Godmother Jasmin

Makenna got to open her xylophone early-she loved it!

Cheering with Grandma

Some of our party guests

Some more party guests (Perry and Labbit)

Makenna and Jasmin

Makenna spent a lot of time practicing walking during her party.

And she's off...

Then it was time for cake. Cousins Jacob and Jadyn were on hand to help blow the candles out. (Makenna looks somewhat suspicious of the cake)

"Hey it's actually tasty!"

"and squishy.."

"and sticky..."

"oh yeah, and tasty!"

"I wonder what it would do for my hair?"

Then Makenna and Jacob talked about life.

Then it was time to open presents. No, Makenna, not get in the presents.

Makenna with Grandpa Steve

Makenna with Grandpa Jim


Makenna getting ready to put her costume on

Halloween photo shoot!

As always, it was hot in L.A. on Halloween. So, it was a bit much to make her wear a polyester pumpkin suit an pumpkin beret. The photo shoot was very short!

On Halloween night, we went to visit some friends. Thomas the Tank (Andrew) was one of them.
Happy Halloween!