Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm 10 Days Old Already

Big Yawn


Tom O'Brien said...

Hi MaKenna,
You are so pretty. We are your goofy cousins in Evanston and it is snowing outside tonight. Katy Rose just made a snowball and threw it at her mom.
It looks like you are having many new friends come to see you. I wish this blog had smell so I could smell your sweet baby smells. The proper smells if you know what I mean. Your toes are really long.
Get some sleep tonight . We love you little baby beauty.
Mary Kay and Family.

Denise Clark said...

Dear Makenna-
Welcome to the family. You are just as beautiful and precious as your Grandma Bert described you to be.
You're a long way from Indiana, but we send lots of Hugs and kisses, and hopefully we'll meet you in the near future.
Be good to Mommy and Daddy, you are so lucky to have such wonderful

Denise and Tom

Anonymous said...

Hello Little Makenna,
Your cousins in Georgia are so happy you are here. You are so beautiful. We can't wait to come home to hold you and give you kisses. You are a very loved little girl with angels all around you.
We miss you guys.
Tiffany, Chandale, Jacob & Jadyn