Sunday, July 26, 2009

Makenna's Baptism

Makenna (and her cousin Jadyn) got baptized last Saturday, July 18th at St. Augustine's Church.

Makenna and Jadyn in their pre-baptism dresses.

With Godfather/Uncle Kamran

With Godmother/Cousin Jasmin

Makenna getting dunked in holy water. She squealed with delight when she was getting baptized!

In her post-baptism dress

Getting her rosary blessed by the Father

The Godparents!


penguinrobot said...

yeah makenna! you're growing up mighty fast!

pvonesch said...

What a beautiful ceremony. Miss Makenna was soooooo good! Fabulous pics of your gorgeous family. Congratulations from Aunt Pamela, Uncle Ricky and the Lexster