Tuesday, April 28, 2009

At The Park

We have a lovely park at the end of our block.  We have gone there several times.  Now that Makenna is almost six months (!) she is finding that she can actually interact with her surroundings while she is at the park.  I think we'll make this a regular destination.

We went to the park today!  Makenna enjoyed the baby swing.

sort of

The little girl in the background wanted to fight Makenna for a turn on the swing.  The nice lady had to hold her back.  I decided to take Makenna out of the swing to avoid any fist fights at the playground.

Then, we went to the sand box.

"Hmmm... what's this grainy, beige substance?"

"I think I kind of like how this feels."

"Let me see how it tastes...."

"It's not milk, but it has a delightfully crunchy texture."

Then, we went to sit on the grass and practice our sitting skills.

A little bit leany and toppley...

but she's almost got it!

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