Friday, April 24, 2009

New Visitors

Last weekend, Makenna had two special visitors.  First, Auntie Ayaba came down from San Francisco to visit.


Yep, she came to visit and Makenna had so much fun playing with her.  I had to rip her away so that she could take naps, because Ayaba has lots of energy and likes to play with babies (She's a doctor who delivers babies, so she's quite familiar)!

Then Great Grandad came to visit.  Makenna was quite taken with him.  We told her that Great Grandad had been a prison warden...

So she straightened up and was on her best behavior!

Makenna so enjoyed meeting these two new people!

Oh.  And we had one more visitor this week.  A very familiar visitor- Grandpa!
Makenna showed Grandpa her new skill- bouncing!


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