Friday, June 26, 2009

Busy Being Makenna

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Cousin Jasmin came over and dressed Makenna up in her beautiful blue dress and did her hair so pretty. Makenna sat still just long enough to take this picture ( she doesn't sit still much, she even moves in her sleep). And then she was on the move again.....

moving from side to side

playing with her scuba frog

playing with Grandma

flipping with Jasmin

eating with daddy (We find it easier to wrap her in a barber style smock than use a bib. Otherwise, she gets food everywhere!)

crying with daddy (?),

and finally it was time to take off the pretty blue dress and take out those pretty pigtails and take a relaxing bath. Its hard work being Makenna and it takes a lot of energy so she always needs to unwind at the end of the day!


pvonesch said...

OMG - she's so CUTE. Can you e-mail me a picture of her in her dress? I have to have this in my photo book! xxoo auntie pammy

Patrick said...

Man...My niece is growing up so fast. She is a cuttie pie for sure. We need to take a trip up to LA, so she and Jaedon can finally meet. lol Uncle P.