Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ladies' Lunch

Grandma, Auntie Pam, Makenna and I went for a ladies' lunch.  Makenna loves ladies' lunches because she enjoys getting out of the house and socializing with people. 
On this particular day, Makenna slept through the beginning of our lunch.  And then she stayed calmly in her car seat, while I ate (She never does that.  I am usually eating with one hand while trying to keep her from grabbing knives and plates and water glasses!)


After I ate a little bit, I took her out so she could see the sights.  I felt guilty having her trapped in that car seat!

"Look, Makenna!  What's over there?"

Straws keep her busy and are relatively safe.

The ceiling was very interesting.

When mommy's arms got tired, we played pass the Makenna.


Makenna with her #1 fan!

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